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Brookline, MA: Apartments and Parks

In many heavily populated areas it is difficult to find a quite peaceful park in which to enjoy a nice day outside. These relaxing moments are especially treasured by those individuals who are confined to limited outdoor space in apartments. In Brookline, there are numerous parks and recreational areas that the town government has worked very hard to protect over the years. The strict policies governing expansion have kept commercial growth to a very small percentage and allowed the town to keep most of its natural parks.

For a town that has an approximate area of seven miles, the fact that it has more than fifty public listings of parks and playgrounds within its city limits is quite impressive. The population density is very high in Brookline, MA; apartments and other shared living complexes and the strict expansion regulations are key factors in maintaining the green landscapes throughout the city.

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Museum Access & Apartments in Brookline

The New England portion of the United States has always possessed a strong sense of history, and this extends especially into Boston and outlying areas like Brookline, MA. Apartments in these areas have a great advantage over other areas of the country, because of the sheer amount of variety in the local attractions and historical museums.

A few museums in the Brookline area are:

  • The Kennedy Historic Site
  • Longyear Museum
  • Olmstead Historic Site
  • Transportation Museum

All of these spectacular locations are within easy walking distance of all the apartments in Brookline and offer amazing cultural exposure without the crushing masses of many large attractions in major cities. The Kennedy Historic Site in particular is a great preservation project of the birthplace of John F. Kennedy. The transportation museum is dedicated to the preservation and support of collector cars, and is home to a large selection of exhibits, education info, and more. These sites are just two examples of the wide variety and interest spans that the cultural community in Brookline has to offer. There is something to interest everyone in this great town!

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