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Amazing Allston Apartments

There are many great neighborhoods and communities in the Boston area, but few can compare to the historic beauty of the traditionally brick buildings that house many Allston apartments. This charming community is commonly associated with its neighboring community, which is formerly known as Brighton. The two are often combined to be referred to as Allston-Brighton, but residents know and differentiate between the two. The main focus of this community was originally the automotive industry, but much of that industry is no longer active in the town. Most of the population in this small town consists of college students renting apartments. Mission Hill and the other neighborhoods associated with Boston are cut off from Allston due to the location of Brookline and the geography of local Rivers.

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Triple Decker Jamaica Plain Apartments

Jamaica Plain is another one of Boston's small neighborhoods that is packed full of small town America charm and cultural activities. During the era in which Jamaica Plain was becoming more and more developed the popular form of architecture was the triple decker housing development, in place of other forms of multiple family living arrangements. Jamaica Plain apartments retain the historic charm of the era in which they were constructed, and many residents prefer this style of housing because of the added openness they provide.

These buildings were primarily constructed in a manner of tenement housing, meant for the workers at the local factories and mills. The brick style Allston apartments also still possess a great deal of the colonial charm of triple decker buildings. This is an impressive and pleasing housing style for many residents, and has remained consistently appealing despite changing times.

Homes & Apartments, Mission Hill Style

Mission Hill is a rising star among the many Boston neighborhoods. The primary population of this town consists of a great many college students and just like in Jamaica Plain, apartments in this area are primarily rented by college students due to the town's easy accessibility to the local colleges and downtown Boston.

This very small town has an impressive cultural background and diversified racial populations along with a very impressive growth of single-family & two family homes, condominiums, and apartments. Mission Hill has had some tough times in the past, but the area has once again become a preferred area for Boston residents.

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